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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TDA3505 TDA3506 Video control combination circuit with automatic cut-off control November 1987 Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 Philips Semiconductors Product specification Video control combination circuit with TDA3505 automatic cut-off control TDA3506 GENERAL DESCRIPTION The TDA3505 and TDA3506 are monolithic integrated circuits which perform video control functions in a PAL/SECAM decoder. The TDA3505 is for negative colour difference signals -(R-Y), -(B-Y) and the TDA3506 is for positive colour difference signals +(R-Y), +(B-Y). The required input signals are: luminance and colour difference (negative or positive) and a 3-level sandcastle pulse for control purposes. Linear RGB signals can be inserted from an external source. RGB output signals are available for driving the video output stages. The circuits provide automatic cut-off control of the picture tube. Linear contrast and brightness controls, operating on Features both the inserted and matrixed RGB signals Capacitive coupling of the colour difference and Peak beam current limiting input luminance input signals with black level clamping in the input stages Clamping, horizontal and vertical blanking of the three input signals controlled by a 3-level sandcastle pulse Linear saturation control acting on the colour difference signals 3 DC gain controls for the RGB output signals (white point adjustment) (G-Y) and RGB matrix Emitter-follower outputs for driving the RGB output Linear transmission of inserted signals stages Equal black levels for inserted and matrixed signals Input for automatic cut-off control with compensation for 3 identical channels for the RGB signals leakage current of the picture tube QUICK REFERENCE DATA PARAMETER CONDITIONS SYMBOL MIN. TYP. MAX. UNIT Supply voltage (pin 6) VP = V6-24 - 12 - V Supply current IP =I6 - 95 - mA Composite video input signal (peak-to-peak value) V15-24(p-p) - 0,45 - V Colour difference input signals (peak-to-peak value) -(B-Y) or +(B-Y) respectively V18-24(p-p) - 1,33 - V -(R-Y) or +(R-Y) respectively V17-24(p-p) - 1,05 - V Inserted RGB signals V

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