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MARCH 1995 MA31750 DS3748-6.5 MA31750 HIGH PERFORMANCE MIL-STD-1750 MICROPROCESSOR The GEC Plessey MA31750 is a single-chip The MA31750 has on-chip parity generation and checking microprocessor that implements the full MIL-STD-1750A to enhance system integrity. A comprehensive built-in self-test instruction set architecture, or Option 2 of Draft MIL-STD- has also been incorporated, allowing processor functionality to 1750B. The processor executes all mandatory instructions and be verified at any time. many optional features are also included. Interrupts, fault Console operation is supported through a parallel interface handling, memory expansion, Console, timers A and B, and using command/data registers in l/O space. Several discrete their related optional instructions are also supported in full output signals are produced to minimise external logic. accordance with MIL-STD-1750. Control signals are also provided to allow inclusion of the The MA31750 offers a considerable performance increase MA31750 into a multiprocessor or DMA system. over the existing MAS281. This is achieved by using a 32-bit The processor can directly access 64KWords of memory in internal bus structure with a 24 x 24 bit multiplier and 32-bit full accordance with MIL-STD-1750A. This increases to ALU. Other performance-enhancing features include a 32-bit 1MWord when used with the optional MA31751 memory shift network, a multi-port register file and a dedicated address management unit (MMU). 1750B mode allows the system to calculation unit. be expanded to 8MWord with the MMU. Bus Bus Parity arb. Address Data Control CLK ebf C0 uAddr C1 IO control Microcode ROM IC A IB X Sequencer DOUT Address BR generator Microcode control IA words to other blocks Register file uData rap R bus S bus ir Ints Interrupt ALU Qshift Multiplier Shift network Faults controller INTAKN sc abort BUSFAULTN Y bus mov bf aluv Flags Figure 1: Architecture 1 MA31750 1. ARCHITECTURE 2. ADDITIONAL FEATURES The GEC Plessey MA31750 Microprocessor is a high The MA31750 may be operated in one of two basic user performance implementation of the MIL-STD-1750A (Notice 1) selectable mod

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